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Project Management Services 

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Project Management

Change Management
Re-Engineering the Company

Project Planning

Bid Process

Project Management

Manage projects from start to finish, as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) on the project, coordinate the in-house team, venders, contractors and subcontractors.

The company has been going for years and has been doing well. With all the changes in the business environment the last few years, things have gotten tougher and you have been looking at ways of improving the way your business operates. Sometimes a perspective of a person outside the company is needed to “see” the way the company can be streamlined.
This is a combination of re-engineering the operations of the company and the mind-set of the people.
Remember people often are afraid of change, and your most valuable assets have to be reminded that this is what they are. To streamline the change plan it would be best to inform the staff of the changes to assist them with the changes they have to make.

The pre-project or planning phase of a project is the most important part of the project. If the planning and the associated documentation are done correctly, many possible problems in the role-out phase of the project can be prevented.
Project planning can be used as strategy planning with change management. 

Tender Documentation is well presented if it is created on project planning principles.


Expected Benefits

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Project Management

1. Success of the project.

2. Integrated operation between in-house, vender and contractor teams.

3. Constructive pre-project planning to minimise change management during the project and thus preventing costly changes.

4. A comprehensive, fully detailed Customer Requirement Specification (CRS), to start the project on a good footing and the baseline of all the other project documents.

Re-Engineering the Company

1. Streamline process used as business operations.

2. Mind set of staff making the new process effective and integrating the process with minimal resistance.

Project planning

1. Successfully expand a production line.

2. Streamline an existing company.

3. Change the operations as the company expands.

4. Streamline the supply chain process.

5. Plan projects for the projects department as part of the tendering process or as customer “acquisition”.

Tender documents – when applying for a tender, the presentation and accuracy of the documentation is scrutinised. To win the tender these 2 factors are as important as pricing.

1. Strategy planning for change.

2. Project strategy.


Experience -
Project manager, Business analyst and Technical analysis.

  1. Rail infrastructure upgrade.
  2. Two way radio network – Pont to Point and Point to Multipoint.
  3. MPT1327 – network upgrade, network expansion.
  4. Wi-Fi network rollout from greenfield, hotspots, core network and local network.
  5. Wi-fi and wi-max as cable replacement.
  6. Data, switching and wireless network combination, local, national and international combined with satellite connection.

Should you have an interest in making use of these services please contact us.

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Irene Steenhagen
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