About Irene
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Being different can be a blessing or a cure, make of it what you will.
Irene considers herself “different” and with this she has come to realise that this knowledge can be used to see and feel what people are about. She used this and her PhD in Life Coaching to recognise the areas in people’s lives and performance that they may want some “tweaking”. She comes from the perspective we are all perfect. The changes that people want to make are about bringing forward hidden talents to tap into some more of that perfection.
With an inquiring mind, one has a tendency to ask many questions. These questions may not have an answer readily available this is where the inquiring mind together with the gift of dyslexia gives me the perseverance and insight to finding the truth (most correct) answers to my questions.
For 30 year Irene has been in the electronics field, design and business acumen as a combination makes for a unique problem solver and designer of networks. With a combination of all her skills and talents Irene is uniquely suited as project management consultant as she “sees” how your present company and projects can be streamlined to make your company and your most important asset (people) more effective and motivated.


Last updated: 2019-11-04